Workers Compensation Fraud

Worker’s compensation fraud is a type of fraud in which an employee or group of employees falsely claim a work-related injury or illness in order to receive benefits from their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance program. Worker’s compensation insurance provides financial compensation and benefits to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job.

Worker’s compensation fraud can take many forms, including faking an injury, exaggerating the severity of an injury, or claiming a non-work-related injury as a work-related injury. Fraudulent claims can result in increased costs for employers and insurance companies, which can lead to higher premiums for honest employers and policyholders.

Investigations into worker’s compensation fraud are conducted by Prairie Investigations licensed investigators. Our investigators may conduct interviews with witnesses, gather medical records and other documentation, and conduct surveillance to observe the claimant’s activities. If fraud is suspected, the case may be referred to law enforcement for criminal prosecution.

Those who commit worker’s compensation fraud may face criminal charges, fines, and jail time, as well as civil penalties and the possibility of being denied benefits in the future. It is important to investigate and prosecute worker’s compensation fraud to ensure that the benefits of the program are being used appropriately and to deter others from committing fraud in the future.