Bug Sweeps

A bug sweep, also known as a technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) sweep, is a type of investigation that involves the detection and removal of hidden listening devices or other covert surveillance equipment. The purpose of a bug sweep by Prairie Investigations is to protect an individual or organization’s privacy and security by ensuring that sensitive conversations and information are not being monitored or recorded without their knowledge.

A bug sweep typically involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to scan an area or a building for electronic surveillance devices, such as hidden cameras, microphones, or GPS trackers. The sweep may also involve an inspection of telephone lines, internet connections, and other communication systems for signs of unauthorized access.

Bug sweeps may be conducted for a variety of reasons, including corporate espionage, stalking, blackmail, or personal safety concerns. They may be conducted in homes, offices, vehicles, or other locations where sensitive conversations or activities may take place.

Bug sweeps are conducted by experienced professionals who are trained in the use of TSCM equipment and techniques. Our investigators must also ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including privacy laws and laws governing the use of electronic surveillance equipment.