Process Services

We can deliver your legal documents such as subpoenas, summons, and complaints to individuals or entities that are required to respond to a legal proceeding. The process server’s job is to deliver these documents to the designated person or party according to the requirements of the law, usually in person or by leaving them at the person’s residence or place of business.

Process servers play an important role in the legal system, as they ensure that individuals are aware of legal proceedings that involve them and have an opportunity to respond. They may be hired by attorneys, government agencies, or individuals to serve legal documents in a variety of legal cases, such as civil lawsuits, divorce proceedings, and criminal trials.

In some cases, the person being served may attempt to avoid or evade the process server. In these situations, the process server may use various methods to locate the person, such as conducting surveillance or using public records to find their current address. However, process servers must comply with laws and regulations governing the service of legal documents, and they are not allowed to use illegal or unethical means to locate or serve the documents.

Prairie Investigations are your specialists in Process Services.  We can serve the following types of documents:

  • Divorce Papers
  • Child Custody Papers
  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Wage
  • Garnishments
  • Child Support
  • Protective and Restraining Orders

Please contact us for a quote starting at $65.00.