Surveillance is one of our most productive services at Prairie Investigations. The actions of anyone can be documented and recorded practically anywhere. Surveillance helps our clients make decisions more effectively for the direction of the investigation or can endorse suspicions. Surveillance is often times the most revealing method of determining the truth in civil, corporate, insurance, and criminal matters. Our Tracking service can be used when legally relevant and is a very efficient and cost effective tool for many different kinds of investigative circumstances.

​Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a lot more common than most people recognize. If you suspect that you’ve been the victim of insurance fraud, or if you’re a company looking to get to the bottom of a suspicious claim, we can help. Prairie Investigations are equipped to research your insurance fraud problem so that you get the answers you need to take appropriate action.


We can serve subpoenas as well as help locate individuals or businesses that need to have a subpoena served upon them.  We adhere to all the appropriate procedures to ensure subpoenas are served in accordance with state laws.

Process Service

Process Service is also called serving papers. This means delivering papers you filed with the court to begin a case to the person being served. The defendant or respondent will get copies of all of the papers you file along with time to respond as required by the court. Services starting at $65. Please contact us for a quote for your situation.

  • Divorce Papers
  • Child Custody Papers
  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Wage
  • Garnishments
  • Child Support
  • Protective and Restraining Orders

Worker’s Compensation Fraud

We find out if the claimant has begun employment elsewhere, discover if the claimant is injured to the extent of the claim with video and film surveillance.

​Background & Record Checks

​Whether you need a person’s background information for pre-employment, legal or personal reasons, our experienced private detectives can provide you with the broad services you need. A basic background investigation typically involves an address history report, private criminal history report, and a civil history report. We can conduct a background/records search to meet your specific needs anywhere in the United States.

Civil Investigations

Our civil investigations include: Cheating Spouses, Divorce, Cohabitation, asset searches, and employment locates. Investigations are conducted by our private investigators with the highest respect for your privacy. The collecting of evidence to prove your case is professionally handled whether it is to prove infidelity for a Divorce case to determine if a relationship is right for you.

Bug Sweeps

We can sweep your office, home and car for hidden cameras and/or listening devices to ensure you wont become a victim yourself. We also can sweep your vehicle for hidden GPS tracking devices.

Utah Drivers License Search

We can do a drivers license search to help you determine if you are seeking the right person.

Witness Statements

Witness statements are second only to investigations when it comes to gathering information.  Investigators gather evidence for a variety of investigations including Workman’s Compensation Fraud, Criminal Defense, Sexual Harassment, Personal Injury, and more. Witnesses provide information that helps the investigator to reconstruct events and gather information based on the information recorded by the investigator. Gathering these statements is a critical part of the attorneys trial preparations. 

Additional Services

​​Ask about the many other services we provide by emailing or calling us at (801)920-0423.