Surveillance is one of the many services provided by Prairie Investigations. Our licensed investigators gather information about individuals or groups through covert observation. The goal of surveillance is to obtain evidence or information for a client, such as a law firm, insurance company, or individual, for use in legal, financial, or personal matters.

Surveillance can take many forms, including physical observation, video and audio recording, and the use of GPS tracking devices. Private investigators may conduct surveillance on individuals suspected of cheating on a spouse or partner, employees suspected of fraudulent behavior, individuals suspected of engaging in criminal activity, or individuals suspected of engaging in illegal or unethical conduct.

Private investigators who conduct surveillance must do so within the bounds of the law and must obtain the necessary permits and permissions. They may use specialized equipment, such as cameras and recording devices, and may work alone or as part of a team. The information obtained through surveillance is typically compiled in a report that is submitted to the client for use in their case or investigation.

Surveillance is one of our most productive services at Prairie Investigations. The actions of anyone can be documented and recorded practically anywhere. Surveillance helps our clients make decisions more effectively for the direction of the investigation or can endorse suspicions. Surveillance is often times the most revealing method of determining the truth in civil, corporate, insurance, and criminal matters. Our Tracking service can be used when legally relevant and is a very efficient and cost effective tool for many different kinds of investigative circumstances.